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Holla…Nothing Changed….!

Posted by dipanjan on January 8, 2009

Nothing changed really….

Same ol’ Pakistani tricks of denial and flip-flops in statements. Well there’s this Pakistani leadership (or whatever you call them…band of  buffoons may be) going volte-face with every belch day in day out….

Now i guess every man with sane brain and a fair idea of whats going on around would know that Pakistan would never do anything to stop this…man they are the ones who have started it!!!….simple reasons, they have never stopped it when they could have(now it has spun out of their control but its another story), as a matter of fact actually nurtured it to the proportion its in now…..they are game in all the actions and probably included in it’s foreign policy as far as India’s concern…

And if u dig a little deep you would understand that this neighbour Govt. have literally no power to do anything ….as most of the land except for few popular cities are not even under their control…..more over their army is totally uncontrolled and undemocratic as those free gun trotting warlords and ofcourse how can we forget the ISI, which is probably as good(read cancerous) as the Taliban or such groups now….

I guess we are on our own now…We gotta do what we gotta do….yes diplomacy is important but its only an aid as far as you are firm in your actions……we have done enough “Jack-in-the -Box” with our retaliatory statements and frankly no-body as in “we the poeple” are amused anymore.

US would only do so much as they have their own foreign policy(the western border of Pakistan is still a big arena for their war against terror blah..blah…blah..) and China would see and do any thing to make us miserable…so much for good neighbours!!!!

Me??….same as well man….got into a great 31st night Party, was really good with nice crowd, good music, exotic dancers…free booze and great food  u know what i mean!?!

well later part of the story  …i was stranded dancing  alone  in the dance floor…..lost my cell phone just after mid-night and one of my friend’s got drunk as usual and lost a very expensive tie of mine….you know just when i thought this time it’s going to be just right….Ding ding ding ding…..!!!!


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Khans FaCe OFF to life at year’s end!!

Posted by dipanjan on December 23, 2008

Saw “Rab Ne banadi Jodi”….well I would say I liked it.

 Ofcourse it had all the impractical, detestable, funny, mindless cheapness which a Shahrukh Khan movie has but I guess it was little more complete and little less miserable than what he does with his Butt Buddy good friend Karan Johar in the holy name of films….

Second in line would be Ghajini….already in love with the songs and Asin(literally stalking her for a good part of last three years) she’s great no questions asked!!!

Well Aamir has an uncanny ability to really deliver some good films and also over promise sometimes….the promos look good and so is Asin(ok sorry i just cant praise her enough :D)

By the way this site is really good….i mean there’s some serious innovation in it…a web 18’s venture…
Got the tickets of Ghajini through a pre-booking tool more than couple of weeks back, pretty cool!!

Now since it looks like my 25th and 31st’s going to be here where all the clubs, pubs and parties are closed officially by 11.30 pm and hanging out in M.G road in those times are anything between a freaking Kumbh mela and a muharram procession…

I guess I would need an insane amount of juice from Grover’s vineyard to get me pass through those two days…sulk!

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God bless all!!

Posted by dipanjan on December 17, 2008

Thats Me!!

Thats Me!!

Feels good to see my friends getting married and going through the process you know……best part is now they would come in pairs 😉

Attended a whole lot of marriages, engagements pre/post parties….gawd the time went by in a daze……zoomed away like when you see out of your car in heavy rain running through a speed highway!!!

Take aways as usual, well a lot of them actually…..I mean since my life is so full of projects, executions and trainings that I have learnt to proactively talk about it 🙂

First of all got to visit Siliguri, thanks to one of my friend’s marriage….well this was my first time in North Bengal and I have strong feeling it’s not going to be my last one, there’s too many things for me to see.

Got to stroll through tea gardens…Wow that was a site, I wanted to do that for a really long time and after standing in the mid of the green….it was so worth it!!!

Saw how my friends are taking baby steps with there partners with all the bliss towards the world…a little unsure but determined nonetheless…Great going guys!!

One thing i understood was that well probably some stuff would change externally but there are so many internal changes, exercises and understandings that we need to do our-selves ……deep inside….. that its actually overwhelming ……I mean just ourselves not even with our partners!!

More over met most of my friends….. some real old ones, names long forgotten in my  school reunion… got to meet some new real good people, really really nice people :)…as in “real nice souls”(quoting one of them)…

Great…so now if only everything else in my life falls in place!!

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Mumbai Terror —India again the hot target!!

Posted by dipanjan on November 27, 2008

The after math of the CST station.

The after math of the CST station(Courtesy CNN site).

A Terrified and shaken India again…..these two days have been nightmare for not only the people of Mumbai and the stuck tourists in the hotels but for each one of us looking at those harrowing scenes of blood spattered people, roads and stations again n again.

Are we really growing stronger with each attack leaving hundreds dead and putting the country in a chaos……. or are we actually getting immunised and indifferent with each one of these incidents…

Can a government be any more incompetent and lame. I guess they thought that people are not enough harassed with growing commodity prices and inflation as well as job cuts so why not just take away the national security as well…..How could a government treading in this kind of a geographical and demographic location debate on stricter terrorism laws(any kind of law can be abused, with any law that is framed I’m sure there can be enough precautions taken so that it’s not aimed at the wrong person….I mean if that’s the bone of contention).

Wonder how many more lives and blasts are going to happen before this hopeless government takes some actions and actually make their own people and foreigners feel safe in this country!


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Marriages – and people getting into it!!

Posted by dipanjan on November 25, 2008

These 3 weeks are going to be the most “marriage invitation” infested weeks that i ever had.

Now since i stay out of my home around India for most of the time, I really don’t get to attend marriages, I mean the bengali ones which though a matter of debate is one of the most delightful place to be in if you are a food connoisseur or rather a foodie!!

Anyways this time its not anybodies marriage that i can just whine and forget about but these are- so called special times for my really really close group of friends who for some reasons getting married at almost the same time, I mean who knew where peer pressure can land people in.

However in this case most of my friends had partners to get married with, some honestly were going around for quite sometime, some were friends, some acquaintances, I mean those who were really running in this “Get married this year competition” could stand in line with their better halves –> that they would find out anyways in due course of time, I sincere think unlike some of my friends is that that the pleasure of marriage for men is in push( well this is really a crude way of looking at it but we love it) but sometimes it can come round to you as getting pushed at or worse getting shoved up ours….if our better halves are better in everything else other than what you had expected of her.

Now that’s really mean of me, Marriages are something which is really special, a BIG decision in our life to take responsibility and share our life with the chosen one…. etc… etc …etc….

I guess they are really ready to do it with whom ever they could with whom ever they should…

The worst affected people in this whole thing are not the bride or the groom or the stereotypical bride’s father or his family, its the friends or well the unmarried ones AKA ME.

 Now i really wanted to shout out and say that ‘m not ready to get into it or i still am not bored to death with myself or my social life is fine thank you….Seriously world is not at its end even if we are trying our level best to do that and as far as i know women are still not listed in the endangered species category….but alas you get to field such silly questions or asked to meet or are shown people in the party who you had never seen before (come to think of it i don’t quite disapprove it since you get to have ready introduction to a chick) and then you get that “funny grin with the dancing eyebrow” look from the self styled marriage brokers. Honestly this did not happened to me or rather not yet…but this time ‘m not really sure.

Anyways I’m really looking forward to it…I mean the marriage and meeting friends part…and sincerely hope and wish they does a one up on each other in terms of food at the party 😉

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Dada’s last series- A winning one with Aussies!!

Posted by dipanjan on November 10, 2008

Ganguly’s last series went through a real roller coaster as his cricketing life itself.


Fantastic come back by the Australia on the third and fourth day…but the last day of this Historic series was near perfect, with spinners doing the work, the fielders, well dropped some catches as usual which is expected from India.

However this series showed we have out performed Australia in more ways than one with batsmen’s contribution and bowlers’ perfect execution. The thing which i liked about this one is that the pitch this time was all world standard and is not typically a spinning one. Eight years back this day, Ganguly started his innings of becoming the India’s most successful captain. Well leaving all the bias i would say Ganguly not only showed a new face of Indian cricket, aggressive, competitive but also a team really to reckon with. Dhoni probably did the best thing in the last day by asking him to captain in the final moments of the game after missing a sitter early in the day.

A real historic day for Indian Cricket where Indians totally dominated the series and shook the Australian cricket’s post after a long long time, and an end of Ganguly era which showed no regionalism and partiality and probably  gave India the best players of this era.

Over-all Ganguly can be really happy going out in such a high( i don’t even remember if there is any Indian circketer off-let who retired in such a note) looking at his prodigies doing well and shouldering India forward.

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Russel Peters – This guy is good!!

Posted by dipanjan on October 23, 2008

I mean he doesn’t need my approval or certificate of merit from me…but he’s hilarious….

OK ‘m a sucker for stand up comedy….I try to see all…. of all colour, creed and nations

from our own home grown versions(laughter challenge) to a diverse set of people in US, u know the black Americans, whites other immigrant types like south Americans, Indians even mixes(Jap/Indian)… 

I saw almost all whats there in Utube for this guy(he’s a Canadian born Indian immigrant)…

Worst part is he’s in India doing his thing in selective cities but seats are full and tickets are high priced 😦

‘m just waiting for m good man out there to put those in the Utube 😀

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India to Visit Chanda Mama!!

Posted by dipanjan on October 22, 2008




This is going to be a proud day for any Indian for sure…..

We are now in the elite band of six countries who have done escapades in and around the Moon.

Great moment for all and way to go ISRO!!

For me why I think its special is cause this is something truly indigenous and not some assembled piece of equipment bought from others, like most of the other stuff we claim to be indigenous like our commissioned planes, missiles and war-ships etc etc, you know its not like we can’t make it, yes we can and probably better than others but because we are somehow restrained from………..for reasons like vested interest, political ill will and ohh! forgot the main thing – The huge kick-back the pimps get to get a deal out for the foreign arms dealers.

Anyways thats sad, but this is good and i truly hope and believe that we are moving forward to create and build stuffs and make India a prominent republic on the face of the earth.

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Brilliant Win – India Beats Australia!!

Posted by dipanjan on October 21, 2008

Zaheer Khan the hero of the last day!

Zaheer Khan the hero of the last day!

Last five test matches if seen played between Australia and India this year, counting the 3 tests in Australia and 2 in India- India actually won it 2-1.
This only shows that India has come up quite consistently this year and this is not a one-off incident.
Now for most of the things people have started talking about (which always happens either when India wins big like this one or losses horribly), I would say a slump in Australian champion form is for there to see, I mean the retirement of the star bowlers like McGrath, Gillesepie, Warne, McGill have left Australia with a serious hollow in bowling department and Ponting, Hayden is definitely not in there prime after Gilli is gone.
But ‘m sure they are going to resurrect very soon, given there track record and there superb infrastructure back home.
Other than that Dhoni the Super Captain and Amit Mishra the wizard bowler has a long long way to go to actually get all the praise they have been getting off let. I guess everybody actually played well and lets not forget other bowlers, Tendulkar, Ganguly and Gauti who actually out played Australia.
Now for our Cricket soap – It would be interesting to see if Anil now comes up and captains the last two tests or sit out (Oops injured!), he is sitting on a double edged sword, Mishra did well coming for him and Dhoni won the test for India, this is going to be interesting to see. Kumble if ‘m not wrong would have a tough call contemplating playing after the home series in over.
Ganguly again playing his last series and people already talking his come back even before he bows out!!!
I personally wish he calls it a day as decided cause that would be a really brilliant way to go out you know….specially after what he has gone through as a player. If he goes out after the series I would say – his would be probably the best way of hanging the boots Indian cricket or rather cricketers have seen for quite some time, taking into account all the legends who have moved out of the team in last 10-15 years.
So as usual a lot things to watch for in the series and also after it……


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JetAirways did an u Turn, Naresh Goel the Pilot!!!

Posted by dipanjan on October 17, 2008

Now this is what we say a “Great U Turn”.

“I’m a very emotional person and not driven by economics”

“I have a kid who’s 19 yrs old, and people who got fired are like my kids”

“We are a one big family”

Now these statements of Naresh Goel is well……ummm….how do we put it…INTERESTING!!

You know what ever may be the reason, the management doing it with out discussion with him, or he don’t subscribe to this kind of measures…..It’s fine as long as people get back there jobs.

Some also speculates that there must have been some pressure from different ministries as well.

All n all it was a real fun thing to watch. I guess it happens only in India, and also a relief to see that there’s still some mechanisms working in India to strike a balance between rational approach to a company problem and “fire all” policy –to give aleast some net of safety to the private employees from mindless job cuts.

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